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Looking for Alien DNA (Cosmic Log Interview)

This 2010 interview between Zecharia Sitchin and Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News discussed “his tales of ancient alien visitors from the planet Nibiru — and his campaign to have DNA tests done on a 4,500-year-old Sumerian noblewoman,” whom Sitchin believed may have descended from the Anunnaki. Boyle would later memorialize the passing of Zecharia Sitchin a few months after this interview.

Image: Sumerian cylinder seal VA243

Sumerian cylinder seal VA243

Zecharia Sitchin suggests that the star-shaped symbol and 11 other dots on this Sumerian cylinder seal, known as VA243, represent the sun, moon and 10 planets – including a mysterious world known as Nibiru. He further suggests that beings from Nibiru made alterations in the human genome. Mainstream experts on Sumerian cuneiform texts say Sitchin’s interpretation is wrong.

Zecharia Sitchin says he’s willing to stake everything he’s written about alien astronauts on DNA tests that could be performed on the 4,500-year-old remains of a high-ranking Sumerian woman. It’s the latest – and possibly the last – cause celebre for a fringe celebrity.

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