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Image: Nasa Mars Rover

Puzzling Photographs from Mars Need Explanation!

NASA has released recent photographs taken by the Mars Rover Spirit, after it had climbed out of the crater in which it had landed and took panoramic pictures from the crater’s top. The photographs captured, according to JPL/NASA, a “dust devil” in the distance (about 2 miles away).

But as one looks closely at the photographs – there are many of them – one notices incredible features: What looks like a long sand covered wall, a black stone ring, a sand blown conical structure & rectangular areas marked off by stone boundaries…

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Cave Dwellings On Mars

The discovery of new startling features on Mars that holds intriguing implications for the possibility of Life on Mars, was recently reported by U.S. government scientists. It could also corroborate an aspect of Zecharia Sitchin’s writings – that a leading “ancient astronaut” was buried on that planet.

A team of scientists from the United States Geological Survey reported at the recent annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, that images taken by NASA’s Mars-orbiting spacecraft Mars Odyssey show what appear to be cave entrances where primitive life forms – “past or present microbial life” – could have been sheltered, and where water could exist in liquid form.

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Back to the Face on Mars

While Scientific American has probably in mind future astronauts, the new discoveries have important implications for the presence on Mars of “ancient astronauts,” and have a bearing on the issue of the famed (and controversial) Face on Mars.

In his various volumes of The Earth Chronicles series, Zecharia Sitchin has provided ancient evidence, both texts on clay tablets and illustrations from cylinder seals, showing that Mars served as a way station for the Anunnaki “gods” in their space travels from Nibiru to Earth. (See also the article “Was the ‘Face’ Depicted 4,500 Years Ago?” on this website).

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Going to Mars: What is NASA Looking For?

The planet Mars is back in the news. This time, in spite of preceding failures (by Japan, Britain) of Mars missions, man-made Landers and their robotic rovers – NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity — made it safely and successfully to the Red Planet. A spacecraft launched by the European Space Agency, Mars Express -– a companion to the British failed lander/rover mission -– is safely in orbit around Mars. And the initial indications, and photographs, already suggest that the assumption underlying these missions will be proven true; That Mars was once a planet with water -– rivers, lakes, perhaps even seas; and that some of that water is still there.

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Going to Mars: Was The “Face” Depicted 4,500 Years Ago?

The successful landing by NASA of two robotic rovers on Mars earlier this year was an occasion for joy and expectation – joy because so many of the preceding attempts (including by the Japanese and the British) have failed, and expectation of obtaining confirmation that Mars was once a watery planet.

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