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Do Prophecies Foretell Iraq’s Future?

The continuing carnage in Iraq is reflected in many readers’ letter to me. The “Land Between the Rivers” is where civilization began, where Abraham began his actual and spiritual journey, where the story of Man and his gods began. The questions I am asked are not only about the antiquities that are destroyed, not only about the past, but also about the future: Is there anything in the biblical prophecies that foretells where it is all leading?

FATE Magazine published a short article of mine on the subject in its October 2005 issue, here are excerpts:


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The Case of the Virtual Temples

“A 3-D re-creation at UCLA lets you roam ancient Rome,” was the headline this month (February 2003) on reports from California announcing the latest achievement of computer wizardry: The re-creation by UCLA’s Cultural Virtual Reality Lab of 22 temples, courts and monuments of the Roman Forum as it was in AD 400.

A supercomputer projects the images on a special spherical screen, and the computer operator can then take the “visitor” for a tour of ancient Rome — up the steps of the Temple of Saturn, pass between the columns of the Law Courts, enter the Senate building, or take a close look at the bas-reliefs on the Arch of Septimus Severus.

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War Comes to the Edin

WILL BIBLICAL PROPHECIES BE FULFILLED? The War in Iraq and The Earth Chronicles

“War has come to the cradle of civilization, ” current headlines have been announcing; and both fans and interviewers have asked me what is my “take” on these events. “How strange that 6000 years of human history keep leading us to devastation in this ancient place; I wonder if you have any thoughts on this issue,” asked a fan from England. Is this the fulfillment of biblical prophecies?” asked an interviewer.

Indeed, today’s Iraq encompasses ancient Mesopotamia, the Land Between the Rivers where Assyria and Babylon and long before them Sumer had flourished. It is there, geographically, where the first known civilization had blossomed out, giving Mankind the firsts in writing and literature, the wheel and the kiln, art and music, mathematics and astronomy, kingship and laws, temples and religion, and the first Cities of Man, among them the famed Ur whence Abraham had come.

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