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When Kingship Was Lowered From Heaven

Image: King Sargon of Agade

Who has not been fascinated since childhood by the tale – or legend – of Excalibur, the magical sword of King Arthur which was imbedded in a rock and could be pulled out only by the one chosen for kingship?

In her column (Fate, April 2004) Phyllis Galde reported a tale from Tuscany in Italy about “The Sword in the Stone” in the abbey of Montesiepi; traditions hold that it was plunged into the rock by the knight Galgano Guidotti in the 12th century. If true, she wrote, this would precede by decades the events attributed to King Arthur and would mean that “the Celtic myth of King Arthur and his sword Excalibur has origins in Italy.”

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Do Prophecies Foretell Iraq’s Future?

The continuing carnage in Iraq is reflected in many readers’ letter to me. The “Land Between the Rivers” is where civilization began, where Abraham began his actual and spiritual journey, where the story of Man and his gods began. The questions I am asked are not only about the antiquities that are destroyed, not only about the past, but also about the future: Is there anything in the biblical prophecies that foretells where it is all leading?

FATE Magazine published a short article of mine on the subject in its October 2005 issue, here are excerpts:


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A Conversation with Zecharia Sitchin – FATE Magazine

FATE gets the scoop from Zecharia Sitchin modern day linguist and biblical scholar.

Phyllis Gldea with FATE Magazine conducted a sit-down conversation and interview with Zecharia Sitchin in 2010, where the author goes into some depth about his own beliefs and what led him to pursue his research into our origins.

Image: Zecharia Sitchin and Phyllis Galde.

Zecharia Sitchin and Phyllis Galde. (Photo credit: FATEmag.com)

PG: For our FATE readers, could you please tell a brief summary of what you have done, what you have discovered and uncovered, and where did it happen?

ZS: FATE, like other magazines perhaps, has a new generation of readers, and that is very interesting.

At the beginning of 2009, I agreed to go to LA and speak at some Expo. Almost five years before, I had scheduled one of my big seminar events in LA, in May 2004, and it had to be canceled almost at the last minute. Visiting with family in Philadelphia, I didn’t feel right. My son-in-law there was a doctor and called one of his colleagues, and he examined me. He said I was not far from a fatal heart attack because there was a blockage that was not in a reachable place. He said the only thing that we could do was a heart bypass. I was admitted to the hospital right then and there.

As I was waiting to be prepared for the operation, a young male nurse comes in and says he saw my name in the list of new admissions. He says, “Oh! I have read all your books! I have an original edition of The 12th Planet. Would you autograph it for me? I will go home and get it.”

I said, “Let’s make a deal. If I make it through the operation, I will autograph the book.” Which obviously, I did.

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A Conversation with Zecharia Sitchin (FATEmag.com, 2010)