Chapter 7: Secret Knowledge, Sacred Texts

“…Everything that we know was taught to us by the gods,” the Sumerians stated in their writings; and therein lies the foundation, throughout the millennia and unto our times, of Science and Religion, of the discovered and the occult.

“…First there was the Secret Knowledge, that was revealed when Mankind was granted Understanding became Sacred Wisdom, the foundation of human civilizations and advancement. As to the secrets that the gods had kept to themselves – those, in the end, proved the most devastating to Mankind. And one must begin to wonder whether the unending search for That Which Is Hidden, sometimes in the form of mysticism, stems not from the wish to attain the divine but from a fear of what Fate the gods – in their secret conclaves or in hidden codes – have destined for Mankind.

“…The biblical Lord challenged Job (in chapter 28) to stop questioning the reasons for his Fate, or its ultimate purpose; for Man’s knowledge – Wisdom and Understanding – fall so far short of God’s, that it serves no purpose to question or try to fathom divine will.

“…That ancient treatment of Wisdom and Understanding of the secrets of the heavens and the Earth – of science – as a divine domain to which only a few selected mortals can be given access, found expression not only in canonical writings but also in such Jewish mysticism as the Kaballah

“…When the Lord granted wisdom to selected humans, the Bible held, He in fact shared with them secret knowledge concerning the heavens and the Earth. The Book of Job describes such knowledge as “Wisdom’s Secrets,” which had not been revealed to him.

“…Revelation, the sharing of secret knowledge with humanity through chosen initiates, began before the Deluge. Adapa, the offspring of Enki, to him was attributed the authorship of a work known by its English title Writings Regarding Time, [from] Divine Anu and Divine Enlil – a treatise that dealt with time reckoning and the calendar. The Tale of Adapa, on the other hand, specifically mentions that he was taught, back in Eridu, the arts of medicine and healing.

“…Sumerian records spoke of another, pre-Diluvial Chosen One… Known in the texts as EN.ME.DUR.ANNA as well as EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI (“Master of the Divine Tablets Concerning the Heavens” or “Master of the Divine Tablets of the Bond Heaven-Earth”).

“…Though the Tale of Adapa does not say so explicitly, it appears that he was allowed, if not actually required, to share some of his secret knowledge with his fellow humans, for else why would he compose the renowned book? In the case of Enmeduranki the transmission of the learned secrets was also mandated – but with the stricture that it must be limited to the line of priests, from father to son, begun with Enmeduranki:

The learned savant
who guards the secrets of the great gods
will bind his favored son with an oath
before Shamash and Adad.
By the Divine Tablet, with a stylus,
he will instruct him in the secrets of the gods.


“…The Bible also recorded the heavenward ascent of the pre-Diluvial patriarch Enoch… Fortunately, the extrabiblical Book of Enoch, handed down through the millennia and surviving in two versions, provide much greater detail…

“…From these sources (Book of Jubilees also) it emerges that Enoch made not one but two celestial journeys… He was taught the Secrets of Heaven, and was instructed to impart the knowledge on his return to Earth to his sons. Ascending toward the Divine Abode, he was lofted through a series of heavenly spheres… in the Tenth Heaven was the Divine Throne of God… the abode of Anu, according to Sumerian texts, was on Nibiru… tenth planet of our Solar System.

“… he was clothed in divine garments and anointed by the angels… On the Lord’s command, the archangel Pravuel brought out “the books from the sacred storehouse”… the archangel would dictate to him. For thirty days and thirty nights… Enoch wrote down,

“the secrets of the working of heaven, of the Earth and of the seas; and of all the elements, their passages and goings, and the thundering of the thunder; and [the secrets] of the Sun and the Moon, and the goings and changings of the planets; the seasons and the years and the days and the hours… and all the things of men, the tongues of every human song… and all the things fit to learn.”


“…Another aspect that stands out – though not so explicitly in the case of Enoch – is the tradition that the granting of the Wisdom and Understanding made the chosen individual not just a scientist but also a priest, and moreover the progenitor of a priestly line. We find this principle employed in the Sinai wilderness during the Exodus, when Yahweh, the biblical Lord, chose Aaron (the brother of Moses) and his sons to be the Lord’s Priests (Exodus 28:1)… Moses and Aaron were initiated into magical powers that enabled them to perform miracles as well as trigger the calamities that were meant to convince the Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave… Knowledge that was granted to Aaron and his sons, it included secrets of the calendar (quite complex, since it was a lunar-solar calendar), of human maladies and healing, and veterinary knowledge. Considerable anatomical information is included in the relevant chapters of Leviticus, and the possibility that the Israelite priests were given “hands-on” lessons cannot be ruled out in view of the fact that clay models of anatomical parts, inscribed with medical instructions, were current in Babylon even before the time of the Exodus.

“…(The Bible described King Solomon as the “wisest of men” who could discourse on the biodiversity of all the plants, “from cedars of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of a wall, and animals, and birds, and creeping things, and fishes.” He could do so because in addition to the Wisdom and the Understanding (intelligence) that were God-given, he also acquired Da’ath – learned knowledge).

“…The priestly line begun with Aaron was subjected to rigorous laws imposing marital and procreation constraints. Who they could have conjugal relations with and especially whom they could marry required that “the priestly seed shall not be profaned,” and if one’s seed shall be imperfect – “shall have a blemish,” a mutation, a genetic defect – that man was prohibited through all generations to perform priestly duties, “for I Yahweh sanctified the priestly line” of Aaron.

“…These strictures intrigued generations of biblical scholars; but their true significance became evident only with the advent of DNA researchers. It was only in January 1997, in the journal Nature, that an international group of scientists reported the existence of a “Priestly Gene” among Jews whose lineage can be traced back to Aaron. Unchanged Jewish traditions require that certain rituals and blessings called for on the Sabbath and High Holidays services must be performed only by a Cohen. The term, meaning “priest,” was first used in the Bible to describe Aaron and his sons…

“…It was this aspect of the patrilineal nature of the Jewish Cohen tradition that intrigued a research team from Israel, England, Canada, and the USA. Focusing on the male (“Y”) chromosome that is passed from father to son, they tested hundreds of “Cohens” in different countries and found that by and large they had two unique “markers” on the chromosome. This proved to be the case for Ashkenazi (East European) and Sephardi (Near Eastern/African) Jews who had branched out after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in A.D. 70, indicating the antiquity of the genetic markers.

“…The simplest and most straightforward explanation is that these men have the Y chromosome of Aaron,” explained Dr. Karl Skorecki of the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

“…The tales of those who were initiated into the secret knowledge assert that the information was written down in “books.” These, for sure, were not what we now call “books”… The many texts discovered in caves near the Dead Sea in Israel are referred to as the Dead Sea Scrolls, for they were texts inscribed on sheets of parchment (made mostly of goat skins)… Ancient Egyptian texts were written on papyrus – sheets made from reeds growing in the Nile River. And the earliest known texts, from Sumer, were inscribed on clay tablets…

“…In which form were the “books” written by Adapa, Enmeduranki, and Enoch (360 of them by the latter!)? Bearing in mind that they are attributed to a time before the Deluge – thousands of years even before the Sumerian civilization – probably in none of the post-Diluvial forms, although the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal did boast that he could read “writing from before the Flood…” It would be logical to wonder whether the writing was done in what some Sumerian and Akkadian texts call Kital Ilani – “writing of the gods.” References to such writings by the Anunnaki may be found, for example, in inscriptions dealing with the rebuilding of run-down temples, in which the claim was made that the reconstruction followed “the drawings from olden times and the writing of the Upper Heaven.”

“…In Egypt it was Thoth who was venerated as the Divine Scribe. It was he who, after the Council of the Gods resolved to recognize Horus as the legitimate heir, inscribed on a metal tablet the Decree of the Gods, and the tablet was then lodged in the “divine Chamber of Records.”

“…In the Tales of the Magicians… it was said that the living but inanimate king and queen whom Thoth had punished guarded, in the subterranean chamber, “the book that the god Thoth has written with his own hand” and in which secret knowledge concerning the Solar System, astronomy, and the calendar was revealed. When the seeker of such “ancient books of sacred writings” penetrated the subterranean chamber, he saw the book “giving off a light as if the Sun shone there.”

“…What were those divine “books” and what kind of writing was on them?

“…The epithet-name of Enmeduranna, “Master of the Divine Tablets Concerning Heaven,” draws attention to the term ME in his name, translated here as “Divine Tablets.” In truth no one can be sure what the ME’s were, whether tablets or something more akin to computer-memory chips or discs. They were objects small enough to be held in one hand, for it was told that Inanna/Ishtar, seeking to elevate her city Uruk, to capital status, connivingly obtained from Enki scores of the ME’s that were encoded with the secrets of Supreme Lordship, Kingship, Priesthood, and other aspects of a high civilization. And we recall that the evil Zu stole from Enlil’s Duranki the Tablets of Destinies and the ME’s which were encoded with the Divine Formulas. Perhaps we will grasp what they were if we look to technology millennia ahead.

“…The Bible provides greater – and mind boggling – details regarding that first instance of sacred writings; then, the Bible explicitly states, God himself did the inscribing!

“…The tale begins in chapter 24 of the book of Exodus, when Moses and Aaron and two of his sons, and seventy of the Elders of Israel, were invited to approach Mount Sinai on the peak of which the Lord had landed in his Kabod. There the dignitaries could glimpse the divine presence through a thick cloud, blazing as a “devouring fire.” Then Moses alone was summoned to the mountaintop, to receive the Torah (“Teachings”) and the Commandments that the Lord God had already written down.

“…And Moses went into the midst of the cloud, and ascended the Mount; and he stayed there forty days and forty nights.”

Then Yahweh
Gave Moses,
when he had finished speaking with him,
the two Tablets of Testimony –
stone tablets,
inscribed with the finger of Elohim.
Exodus 31:17


“…Additional astounding information regarding the tablets and the manner in which they were inscribed is provided in Exodus 32:16-17 that describe the events that took place as Moses was coming down the Mount after long and (to the people) inexplicable absence…

“…Two tablets made of stone, divinely handcrafted. Inscribed front and back in the “writing of the Elohim” – which must mean both language and script; and so engraved into the stone by God himself!

“And all that in a language and in a script that Moses could read and understand, for he was to teach all that to the Israelites…

“…the Torah scrolls that are taken out of their ark in synagogues are read on the Sabbath and High Holidays must be copied (by special scribes) precisely the way they have come down through the ages – book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, word by word, letter by letter. An error of one letter disqualifies the whole five-book scroll.

“…While this letter-by-letter precision has been studied by Jewish sages and biblical scholars throughout the ages (long before the latest interest in “secret codes” in the Torah), an even more challenging aspect of the long and extensive dictation and the required letter-by-letter accuracy has been completely ignored:

“…And that is, that such a method of writing upon Mount Sinai could not have been the slow cuneiform script of Mesopotamia that was usually written with a stylus on wet clay, nor the monumental hieroglyphic picture-like script of Egypt. The volume and speed and the letter-by-letter accuracy required an alphabetic script!

“…The problem is that at the time of the Exodus, circa 1450 B.C., nowhere in the ancient world did an alphabetic script yet exist.

“…The concept of an alphabet is the work of genius; and whoever the genius was, he based it on existing foundations… Sumerian writings advanced from its original pictographs to cuneiform and the signs acquired a syllabic sound… The genius combined cuneiform ease with Egyptian advances to consonants, and achieved it with just twenty-two signs!

“…Starting with that, the ingenious inventor asked himself as well as his disciple: What is the word for what you see? the answer – in the language of the Semitic Israelites – was Aluf. Fine, said the inventor; Let us call this symbol Aleph and simply pronounce it “A.” He then drew the pictograph for house. What do you call that? he asked, and the disciple answered: Bayit. Fine, said the inventor, from now on we will call this sign Beth and pronounce it simply as “B.”

“…We cannot vouch that such a conversation actually took place, but we are certain that this was the process of creating and inventing the Alpha-Bet. The third letter, Gimel (pronounced “G”) was the image of a camel (Gamal in Hebrew); the next one, Daleth for “D,” represented Deleth, “door” (on its hinges); and so on through the twenty-two letters of the Semitic alphabet, all of which serve as consonants and three of which can double up as vowels.

“…Who was the ingenious innovator?

“…No doubt that the alphabet originated there (in the western Sinai, near the Red Sea)… it spread to Canaan and then to Phoenicia… Beautifully executed, the original “Sinaitic script” served as the Temple script in Jerusalem and as the royal script of Judean kings until it was replaced, during the time of the Second Temple, with a square script borrowed from the Aramaeans (the script used in the Dead Sea scrolls unto modern times).

“…If we have imagine right the conversation that had led to this alphabet, then it was Moses to whom the first lesson was given. He was in the Sinai; he was there at the right time; he engaged in extensive writings; and he had the supreme teacher – God himself.

“…The dictating and writing down had thus began before the ascents of Moses to the mountaintop and the two separate writings on the stone tablets (so it is recorded in Exodus 17:14; 24:4; and 24:7)… One has to look to the earlier chapters of Exodus… there we read that Moses, adopted as a son by the Pharaoh’s daughter, fled for his life after he had killed an Egyptian official. His destination was the Sinai peninsula…

“…The Bible relates extensive communications between Yahweh and Moses and Aaron from the moment Moses had been summoned to the burning bush onward. Whether the divine messages, sometimes involving detailed instructions, were ever in writing the Bible does not say; but it might be significant that the “magicians” in the Pharaoh’s court thought that they had been written instructions: “And the Pharaoh’s magicians said to him: This is the finger of god. “The finger of God,” it will be recalled, was the term used in Egyptian texts regarding the god Thoth, to indicate a writing by the god himself.

“…If all this leads to the suggestion that alphabetic writing began in the Sinai peninsula – it should not be surprising that archaeologists have reached that same conclusion, but without being able to explain how such a tremendous and ingenious innovation could have originated in a wilderness.

“…But the repeated references to Divine Writing, writing by God himself, and Moses only taking dictation, suggest that the alphabetic writing and language system were one of the “secrets of the gods.” Indeed, it was to the same Yahweh that the Bible attributed the invention/innovation of other diverse languages and scripts on a previous occasion – in the aftermath of the incident of the Tower of Babel.

“…One way or another, we feel that Moses was the initiate through whom the innovation was revealed to Mankind. And thus we can rightly call it The Mosaic Alphabet.

“…There is more to the first alphabet as a “secret of the gods.” It is based, in our opinion, on the most sophisticated and ultimate knowledge – that of the genetic code.

“…Indeed, as we contemplate this limitation of twenty-two – no more, no less – we cannot help recalling the constrictions applied to the sacred number twelve (requiring the addition or dropping of deities in order to keep the “Olympian Circle” to precisely twelve). Did such a hidden principle- divinely inspired – apply to the restriction of the original alphabet to twenty-two letters?

“The number ought to be familiar in this day and age. It is the number of human chromosomes when the Adam was created, before the second genetic manipulation had added the sex chromosomes “Y” and “X”.

“…Did the Almighty who had revealed to Moses the secret of the alphabet, then, use the genetic code as the secret code of the alphabet?

“…The answer seems to be Yes.

“…If this conclusion seems outlandish, let us read the Lord’s statement in Isaiah 45:11: “It is I who created the Letters… It is I who made the Earth and created the Adam upon it,” sayeth Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel. Whoever was involved in the creation of Man was involved in the creation of the letters that make up the alphabet.

“…Present-day computer systems construct words and numbers from just two “letters,” a Yes-No system of ones and zeroes matching an On-Off flow of electrons (and thus called binary). But attention has already shifted to the four-letter genetic code and the much greater speed with which the transactions take place within the living cell… The problem and the challenge is how to create and read computer chips that are coated not with “0” and “1” electrons but with bits of genetic material. Advances since 1991 at various academic institutions as at commercial enterprises involved in genetic treatments have succeeded in creating silicon chips coated with nucleotides. Comparing the speed and the capabilities of DNA computing, as the new science is called, “the information storage capacity of DNA is huge…

“…In nature, the genetic information encoded in the DNA is decoded, at lightning speed, by a messenger called RNA that transcribes and recombines the DNA “letter” into “words” consisting of three letters. These three-letter groupings, it has been established, lie at the core of all life forms on Earth because they spell out chemically and biologically the twenty amino acids whose chains form the proteins of which all life on Earth – and probably elsewhere in the cosmos – consists.

“…The rich and precise Hebrew language is based on “root” words… from where all other grammatical variants derive. For reasons that no one has been able to explain, these root words are made up of three letters. This is quite a departure from the Akkadian, the mother-language of all Semitic languages, which was formed from syllables – sometimes just one, sometimes two or three or more.

“…Could the reason for the three-letter Hebrew root words be the three letter DNA-language – the very source, as we have concluded, of the alphabet itself? If so, then the three letter root words corroborate this conclusion.

“…Death and life are in the language,” the Bible states in Proverbs (18:21). The statement has been treated allegorically. It is time, perhaps, to take it literally: the language of the Hebrew Bible and the DNA genetic code of life (and death) are but two sides of the same coin.

“…The mysteries that are encoded therein are vaster than one can imagine; they include among other wondrous discoveries the secrets of healing.

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