Chapter 1: In Search of Paradise

May I remind the reader that the following pages are excerpts only.

…There was a time – our ancient scriptures tell us – when Immortality was within the grasp of Mankind.

…A golden age it was, when Man lived with his Creator in the Garden of Eden – Man tending the wonderful orchard, God taking strolls in the afternoon breeze.

…And the Lord God caused to grow from the ground every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for eating, and the Tree of Life was in the orchard, and the Tree of Knowing good and evil. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it was parted and became four principal streams: the name of the first is Pishon … and of the second Gihon … and of the third Tigris … and the fourth river is the Euphrates.

…Of the fruit of every tree were Adam and Eve permitted to eat – except of the Tree of Knowing. But once they did (tempted by the Serpent) – the Lord God grew concerned over the matter of Immortality:

Then did the Lord Yahweh say:

Behold, the Adam has become as one of us
to know good and evil;
And now might he not put forth his hand
and partake also of the Tree of Life,
and eat, and live forever?

And the Lord Yahweh expelled the Adam
from the Garden of Eden …
And he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden
the Cherubim, and the Flaming Sword which revolveth,
to guard the way to the Tree of Life.

…So was Man cast out of the very place where eternal life was within his grasp. But though barred from it, he has never ceased to remember it, to yearn for it, and to try to reach for it.

…Ever since that expulsion from Paradise, heroes have gone to the ends of Earth in search for Immortality; a selected few were given a glimpse of it; and simple folk claimed to have chanced upon it. Throughout the ages, the Search for Paradise was the realm of the individual; but earlier in this millennium, it was launched as the national enterprise of mighty kingdoms.

…The New World was discovered – so we have been led to believe – when explorers went seeking a new, maritime route to India and her wealth.

…No sooner had Columbus and his men set foot in what they all thought were the islands off India ("The West Indies"), than they combined the exploration of the new lands with a search for the legendary Fountain whose waters "made old men young again." Captured Indians were questioned, even tortured, by the Spaniards, so that they would reveal the secret location of the fountain.

…Titian’s Love Sacred and Love Profane, was created at about the time the Spaniards were in their quest in the Indies. As everyone well knew, the Fountain in the paintings hinted at the ultimate lovemaking, the Fountain whose waters make possible "all manly performances" through Eternal Youth.

…Many researchers, such as Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth: History of a Geographical Myth by Leonardo Olschki, have established that "the Fountain of Youth" was the most popular and characteristic expression of the emotion and expectations which agitated the conquerors of the New World. Undoubtedly, Ferdinand the king of Spain was one of those so agitated, so expectant for the definite news.

…In March 1513, Ponce de Leon set out northward, to look for the island of Bimini. The public excuse for the expedition was a search for "gold and other metals"; the true aim was to find the Fountain of Eternal Youth. This the seamen soon learnt as they came upon not one island but hundreds of islands in the Bahamas. They "drank waters of endless springs" (sailing along Florida’s coast, as Ponce de Leon named it), "but none seemed to work the expected miracle."

…The mission’s failure appears to have hardly dampened the conviction that the Fountain was undoubtedly there: it only had to be discovered.

…The conviction that the Fountain existed somewhere on the islands was so strong that in 1514 – the year after Ponce de Leon’s unfruitful mission – Peter Martyr (in his Second Decade) informed Pope Leo X

…In 1521, the Spanish Crown sent Ponce de Leon on a renewed search, this time focusing on Florida. There can be no doubt regarding the true purpose of his mission: writing only a few decades later the Spanish historian Antonio de Herrera y Tordecillas stated this in his "Historia General de las Indias": He, (Ponce de Leon) went seeking that Sacred Fountain, so renowned among the Indians, as well as the river whose waters rejuvenated the aged. He was intent on finding the spring of Bimini and the river in Florida, of which the Indians of Cuba and Hispaniola "affirmed that old persons bathing themselves in them became young again."

…Instead of Eternal Youth, Ponce de Leon found death by an Indian arrow.

…The Holy Scriptures, pagan beliefs, and the documented tales of great travelers, all combined to affirm that there was indeed a place whose waters (or fruit’s nectar) could bestow Immortality by keeping one forever young.

Mr. Sitchin proceeds by explaining the tales from the Celts, Greeks, Romans, segments from the Koran of a tale about Moses, where a dead fish upon falling on certain waters, in the "junction of the two streams" got its life back and swam away.

Moses’ tales from the Koran were interchanged by popular belief with Alexander the Great, and Alexander remains from his first mentioning to the end of this chapter as the main character searching for the Fountain of Youth. He travels to numerous places and encounters numerous beings.

Passing to next chapter, there is a recount of Alexander’s adventures in his short lifetime.


Columbus Lands in the New World.


West Indies


Tomb of Ponce de Leon


Italian Fresco, celebrating "After Bathing in the Fountain of Youth."


Ancient Celtic Cross in the Inner Hebrides


Ancient Greek Galleons


The Appian Way built by early Romans


King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Aragon


King Ferdinand’s Entourage in Naples


The Bahamas




Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in The Bahamas and Florida.


Cuba (Hispaniola), another place searched for the Fountain of Youth.


Alexander The Great. Bust from Istanbul.


Alexander The Great in Battle with Darius III. Darius III also searched for the Fountain of Youth.

Continue to Chapter 2: The Immortal Ancestors


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