The Papyrus of Ani, Part 9

Not Dying Again

The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 175

  • A spell for not dying again. Words spoken by the Osiris Ani, true of voice:
  • O Thoth, what has become of the children of Nut? They are made criminals; they have formented rebellion;
  • They have done evil; they have created hostilities;
  • The have done murder; they have created pushishment.
  • Truely they have set the great against the small in all that they have done.
  • Grant, O might of Thoth, that which Atum will decree:
  • You will not see evil; you will not be in pain.
  • Their years are disarrayed, and their months are brought near because they have done secret harm in all that they have done.
  • I am your writing palette; I have brought up your ink cup for you.
  • Their secret harm does not belong to me; no harm is done in me.
  • Words spoken by the Osiris Ani Ani [sic]:
  • O Atum, what is this place to which I have gone? For it has no water; it has no air. It is doubly deep, and doubly dark, and living it in peace of heart is doubly sought after, and indeed, love is not made in it.
  • [Atum responds,] I have given glory in exchange for water and air and love-making, and peace of heart in exchange for bread and beer.
  • Atum has decreed that your face be seen.
  • Indeed, I am not in pain from your sufferings.
  • Every god sends his thrones at the head of millions of years. Your throne belongs to your son Horus.
  • Atum decrees that he send the princes, that he truly rule your throne, that he be the heir of the throne in the Lake of Fire.
  • [He] commands that I truly see his second, and that my face see the face of the lord Atum.
  • What is the period of life?
  • [He] decrees that you are for millions of millions of years, a period of millions of years.
  • I have let him send the princes.
  • Truly I will [cast away?] all the harm I have done, when the earth comes from the Celestial Ocean, from the primeval rain as of old.
  • I am time and Osiris; I have made my form as other things and serpents.
  • They do not know people; they do not see the gods.
  • How beautiful it is—I have made Osiris more exalted than all the gods, and I have given him the land.
  • Indeed, his son Horus is the heir on his throne in the Lake of Fire; I have made him have his seat in the boat of millions of years.
  • Horus is established on his throne [by] his supporters, and his monuments are founded.
  • Indeed, the soul of Set has sent to be exalted more than all the gods; I have allowed his soul to be fettered in the boat, as he desires, fearing the flesh of the god.
  • O my father Osiris, you have done form me what your father Ra did for you.
  • I lay down on the earth. My throne is founded; my heir is healthy; my tomb flourishes.
  • My supporters are on the earth; my enemies are crushed when Serqet shackles them.
  • I am your son; my father is Ra. You make life, strength, and health for me.
  • Horus is established on his throne. Let this lifetime of mine advance to dignity.

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