The Book of the Dead – Papyrus of Ani

Plate 19

Plate 19


(1) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA WHEN HE RISETH UPON THE HORIZON, AND WHEN HE SETTETH IN THE [LAND OF] LIFE. Saith Osiris, the scribe Ani: “Homage to thee, O Ra, (2) when thou risest [as] Tmu-Heru-khuti (Harmachis), Thou art adored [by me] when thy beauties are before mine eyes, and when thy shining rays (3) [fall] upon my body. Thou goest forth in peace in the Sektet boat with [fair] winds, and thy heart is glad; [thou goest forth] in the Atet boat, (4) and its heart is glad. Thou stridest over the heavens in peace, and thy foes are cast down; the never-resting stars (5) sing hymns of praise unto thee, and the stars which never set glorify thee as thou (6) sinkest in the horizon of Manu, O thou who art beautiful in the two parts of heaven, thou lord who livest and art established, O my lord! Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest, and Tmu (7) when thou settest in beauty. Thou risest and shinest upon the back of thy mother [the sky], O thou who art crowned king (8) of the gods. Nut doth homage unto thee, and everlasting and never-changing order embraceth thee at morn and at eve. Thou stridest over the heaven, being glad of heart, and the Lake (9) Testes is at peace. The Fiend hath fallen to the ground; his arms and his hands have been hewn off, and the knife hath severed the joints of his body. Ra hath a fair wind (10); the Sektet boat goeth forth and sailing along it cometh into port. The gods of the south and of the north, of the west and of the east praise thee, (11) from whom all forms of life came into being. Thou sendest forth the word, and the earth is flooded with silence, O thou only One, who livedst in heaven before ever the earth and the mountains were made. (12) O Runner, Lord, only One, thou maker of things which are, thou hast moulded the tongue of the company of the gods, thou hast drawn forth whatsoever cometh from the waters, and thou springest up from them over the flooded land of the Lake of Horus (13). Make me to sniff the air which cometh forth from thy nostrils, and the north wind which cometh forth from thy mother [the Sky]. Make thou glorious my shining form, O Osiris, make thou (14) strong my soul. Thou art worshipped in peace, O lord of the gods, thou art exalted by reason of thy wondrous works. Shine with thy rays of light upon my body day by day, upon me, (15) Osiris, the scribe, the teller of the divine offerings it of all the gods, the overseer of the granary of the lords of Abydos, the royal it scribe in truth, who loveth him (i.e., Ra); Ani, triumphant in peace.”

(1) A HYMN OF PRAISE. “O OSIRIS, lord of eternity, Un-nefer, Horus of the two horizons, whose forms are manifold, whose creations are without number, (2) Ptah-Seker-Tem in Annu, the lord of the tomb, and the creator of Memphis and of the gods, the guide of the underworld, whom [the gods] (3) glorify when thou settest in Nut. Isis embraceth thee in peace, and she driveth away the fiends from the mouth of (4) thy paths. Thou turnest thy face upon Amenta, thou makest the world to shine as with smu metal. The dead rise up to behold thee, they breathe the (5) air and they look upon thy face when the disk shineth on its horizon; their hearts are at peace for that they behold thee, O thou who art eternity and everlastingness.”

[Litany]: (1) “Homage to thee, [O lord of] starry deities in An, and of heavenly beings in Kher-aba; thou god Unti, who art more glorious than the gods who are hidden in Annu.

“(2) Homage to thee, O An in Antes (?), Horus, thou dweller in both horizons, with long strides thou stridest over heaven, O thou who dwellest in both horizons.

“(3) Homage to thee, O soul of everlastingness, thou Soul who dwellest in Tattu, Un-nefer, son of Nut; thou art lord of Akert.

“(4) Homage to thee in thy dominion over Tattu; the urerit crown is established upon thy head; thou art the One whose strength is in himself, and thou dwellest in peace in Tattu.

“(5) Homage to thee, O lord of the acacia tree, the Seker boat is set upon its sledge; thou turnest back the Fiend, the worker of evil, and thou causest the utchat to rest upon its seat.

“(6) Homage to thee, O thou who art mighty in thine hour, thou great and mighty god, dweller in An-rut-f, lord of eternity and creator of everlastingness; thou art the lord of Suten-henen.

“(7) Homage to thee, O thou who restest upon Right and Truth, thou art the lord of Abtu, and thy limbs are joined unto Ta-sertet; thou art he to whom fraud and guile are hateful.

“(8) Homage to thee, O thou who art within thy boat, thou bringest Hapi (i.e., the Nile) forth from his source; the light shineth upon thy body, and thou art the dweller in Nekhen.

“(9) Homage to thee, O creator of the gods, thou King of the North and of the South; O Osiris, victorious, ruler of the world in thy gracious seasons; thou art the lord of the world.

“O grant thou unto me a path whereon I may pass in peace, for I am just and true; I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done aught with deceit.”

Plate 20

Plate 20


(1) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA WHEN HE RISETH IN THE EASTERN PART OF THE HEAVEN. They who are in (2) his train rejoice, and lo! Osiris Ani in triumph saith “Hail, thou Disk, thou lord of rays, who risest (3) in the horizon day by day. Shine thou with thy beams of light upon the face of Osiris Ani, who is victorious: for he singeth hymns of praise unto thee at (4) dawn, and he maketh thee to set at eventide with words of adoration. May the soul of Osiris Ani, the triumphant one, come forth with (5) thee from heaven, may he go forth in the matet boat, may he come into port in the sektet boat, may he cleave his path among the (6) never resting stars in the heavens.”

Osiris Ani, being at peace and in triumph, adoreth his lord, the lord of (7) eternity, saying: “Homage to thee, O Horus of the two horizons, who art Khepera the self-created; when thou risest on the horizon and (8) sheddest thy beams of light upon the lands of the North and the South thou art beautiful, yea beautiful, and all the gods rejoice when they behold thee, (9) the King of heaven. The goddess Nebt-Unnet is stablished upon thy head; her portions of the south and of the north are upon thy brow (10); she taketh her place before thee. The god Thoth is stablished in the bows of thy boat to destroy utterly all thy foes. (11) Those who dwell in the underworld come forth to meet thee, bowing in homage as they come towards thee, and to behold [thy] beautiful (12) Image. And I have come before thee that I may be with thee to behold thy Disk every day. May I not be shut in the tomb, may I not be turned back (13), may the limbs of my body be made new again when I view thy beauties, even as do all thy favoured ones, {14) because I am one of those who worshipped thee whilst they lived upon earth. May I come in unto the land of eternity, may I come even (15) unto the everlasting land, for behold, O my lord, this hast thou ordained for me.”

And lo, Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace, the triumphant one, saith (16) Homage to thee, O thou who risest in thy horizon as Ra, thou art stablished by a law which changeth not nor can it be altered. Thou passest over the sky, and every face watcheth thee (17) and thy course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze. Thou dost show thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day. (18) The Sektet boat, wherein is thy majesty, goeth forth with might; thy beams shine upon [all] faces; [the number] of thy yellow rays cannot be known, nor can thy bright beams (19) be told. The lands of the gods, and the colours of the eastern lands of Punt, must be seen, ere that which is hidden (20) [in thee] may be measured [by man]. Alone and by thyself thou dost manifest thyself [when] thou comest into being above Nu. May Ani (21) advance, even as thou dost advance; may he never cease [to go forward], even as thy majesty ceaseth not [to go forward], even though it be for a moment; for with strides dost thou (22) in one little moment pass over the spaces which would need hundreds of thousands and millions of years [for man to pass over; this] thou doest, and then dost thou sink down. Thou (23) puttest an end to the hours of the night, and thou dost number them, even thou; thou endest them in thine own appointed season, and the earth becometh light. (24) Thou settest thyself before thy handiwork in the likeness of Ra; thou risest in the horizon.”

Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, declareth his (25) praise of thee when thou shinest, and when thou risest at dawn he crieth in his joy at thy birth: (26) “Thou art crowned with the majesty of thy beauties; thou mouldest thy limbs as thou dost advance, and thou bringest them forth without birth-pangs in the form of Ra (27), as thou dost climb up into the upper air. Grant thou that I may come unto the heaven which is everlasting, and unto the mountain [where dwell] thy favoured ones. (28) May I be joined unto those shining beings, holy and perfect, who are in the underworld; and may I come forth with them to behold thy beauties when thou shinest (29) at eventide and goest to thy mother Nut.

Plate 21

Plate 21


“Thou dost place thy disk in the west, and my two hands are [raised] in adoration [of thee] when thou settest (30) as a living being. Behold, thou art the maker of eternity, and thou art adored [when] thou settest in the heavens. I have given my heart unto thee without wavering, (31) O thou who art mightier than the gods.”

Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: “A hymn of praise to thee, O thou who risest (32) like unto gold, and who dost flood the world with light on the day of thy birth. Thy mother giveth thee birth upon [her] hand, and thou dost give light unto the course of the Disk. (33) O thou mighty Light, who shinest in the heavens, thou dost strengthen the generations of men with the Nile-flood, and dost cause gladness in all lands, and in all (34) cities, and in all the temples. Thou art glorious by reason of thy splendours, and thou makest strong thy ka with hu and tchefau foods. O thou who art the mighty one of victories, (35) thou who art the Power of [all] Powers, who dost make strong thy throne against the powers of wickedness, who art glorious in majesty in the sektet boat, and who art exceeding (1-6) mighty in the atet boat, make thou glorious Osiris Ani with victory in the netherworld; grant thou that in the underworld he may be void of (37) sin. I pray thee to put away [his] faults behind thee; grant that he may be one of thy venerable (38) servants who are with the shining ones; may he be joined unto the souls which are in Ta-sertet; and may he journey into the Sekhet-Aaru (39) by a prosperous and happy path, he the Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant.

“(40) Thou shalt come forth into heaven, thou shalt pass over the sky, thou shalt be joined unto the starry deities. (41) Praises shall be offered unto thee in thy boat, thou shalt be hymned in the diet boat, (42) thou shalt behold Ra within his shrine, thou shalt set together with his disk day by day, thou shalt see (43) the ant fish when it springeth into being in the waters of turquoise, and thou shalt see (44) the abtu fish in his hour. May it come to pass that the Evil One shall fall when he layeth a snare to destroy me, (45) and may the joints of his neck and of his back be cut in sunder.”

“Ra [saileth] with a fair wind, and the sektet boat draweth on (46) and cometh into port. The mariners of Ra rejoice, and the heart of Nebt-ankh (47) is glad, for the enemy of her lord hath fallen to the ground. Thou shalt behold Horus on the watch [in the Boat], and Thoth and Maat upon either side of him. (48) All the gods rejoice when they behold Ra coming in peace (49) to make the hearts of the shining ones to live. May Osiris Ani, triumphant, the scribe of the divine offerings of the lords of Thebes, be with them.”


(1) TO BE SAID ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH. Osiris Ani, the scribe, triumphant in peace, triumphant, saith: “Ra riseth (2) in his horizon, and the company of his gods follow after the god when he appeareth from his secret place, when he showeth strength and bringeth himself forth (3) from the eastern horizon of heaven at the word of the goddess Nut. They rejoice at the journeyings of Ra, the Ancient One; the Great One (4) rolleth along in his course. Thy joints are knitted together, O Ra, within thy shrine. Thou breathest the winds, thou drawest in the breezes, (5) thou makest thy jaw-bones to cat in thy dwelling on the day when thou dost scent right and truth. Thou turnest aside the godlike followers (6) [who] sail after the sacred boat, in order that they may return again unto the mighty ones according to thy word. Thou numberest thy bones, thou gatherest together thy members; (7) thou turnest thy face towards the beautiful Amenta; thou comest thither renewed day by day. Behold, thou Image of gold, who possessest the splendours (8) of the Disk of heaven, thou lord of terror; thou rollest along and art renewed day by day. Hail, there (9) is rejoicing in the heavenly horizon, and shouts of joy are It raised to the ropes which tow thee along. May the gods who dwell in (10) heaven ascribe praises unto Osiris Ani, when they behold him in triumph, as unto Ra. May Osiris, the scribe Ani, be a prince (11) who is known by the ureret crown; and may the meat offerings and the drink offerings of Osiris Ani, triumphant, be apportioned unto him; may he wax exceeding strong in his body; and may he be the (12) chief of those who are in the presence of Ra. May Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, be strong upon earth and in the world under the earth; and (13) O Osiris, scribe Ani, triumphant, mayest thou rise up strengthened like unto Ra day by day. Osiris Am, triumphant, shall not tarry, (14) nor shall he rest without motion in the earth for ever. Clearly, clearly shall he see with his two eyes, and with his two ears shall be hear what is right and true. (15) Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, cometh back, cometh back from Annu; Osiris Ani, triumphant, is as Ra when he rangeth the oars (16) among the followers of Nu.

Plate 22

Plate 22


“Osiris Ani, triumphant, hath not revealed what he hath seen, (17) he hath not, he hath not told again what he hath heard in the house which is hidden. Hail, there are shouts of joy to Osiris Ani, triumphant, (18) for he is a god and the flesh of Ra, he is in the boat of Nu, and his ka is well pleased according to the will of the god. (19) Osiris Ani, triumphant, is in peace, he is triumphant like unto Horus, and he is mighty because he hath divers forms.”

Rubric: These words shall be recited over a boat (20) seven cubits in length, and painted green for the godlike rulers. Then shalt thou make a heaven of stars (21) washed and purified with natron and incense. Behold, thou shalt make an image (22) of Ra upon a table of stone painted yellow (?) and it shall be placed in the fore-part of the boat. (23) Behold, thou shalt make an image of the dead man whom thou wilt make perfect in strength (24) in the boat; and thou shalt make it to travel in the divine boat of Ra, (25) and Ra himself will look upon it therein. Thou shalt show it to no man but thyself, (26) or to thy father or to Thy son; let them watch with their faces, and he shall be seen in the underworld as a messenger of Ra.


(1) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH WHEREON HE SAILETH IN THE BOAT. [Osiris, the scribe Ani, saith]: “Homage to thee, O thou who art in thy boat! Thou risest, thou risest, (2) thou shinest with thy rays, and thou hast made mankind to rejoice for millions of years according to thy will. Thou showest thy face unto the beings whom thou hast created, O Khepera, (3) in thy boat. Thou hast overthrown Apepi. O ye children of Seb, overthrow ye the foes of Osiris (4) Ani, triumphant, destroy ye the adversaries of righteousness from the boat of Ra. Horus shall cut off your (5) heads in heaven in the likeness of ducks; ye shall fall down upon the earth and become beasts, and into the water in the likeness of fishes. [Osiris, the scribe Ani,] destroyeth every hostile fiend, male (6) and female, whether he passeth through heaven, [or] appeareth (7) upon earth, or cometh forth upon the water, or passeth along before the starry deities; and Thoth strengtheneth them …. (8) coming forth from Anreti. Osiris, the scribe Ani, is silent, and becometh the second of Ra. Behold thou the god, the great slaughterer, (9) greatly to be feared, he washeth in your blood, he batheth in your gore; Osiris, (10) the scribe Ani, destroyeth them from the boat of his father Ra-Horus. The mother Isis giveth birth unto Osiris, the scribe (11) Ani, triumphant, whose heart liveth, and Nephthys nurseth him (12); even as they did for Horus, who drove back the fiends of Sut. They saw (13) the urertu crown stablished upon his head, and they fell down upon their faces. Behold, O ye shining ones, ye men (14) and gods, ye damned ones, when ye behold Osiris Ani, triumphant like unto Horus and adored (15) by reason of the ureret crown, fall ye down upon your faces; for Osiris Ani is victorious (16) over his foes in the heavens above and [on the earth] beneath, in the presence of the godlike rulers (17) Of all the gods and goddesses.”

Rubric: These words shall be recited over a great hawk which hath the white crown set upon his head. Then shall the names of Tmu, (18) Shu, Tefnut, Seb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, be written with green colour upon a (19) new table, anointed with unguents and placed in a boat together with a figure of the dead man (20). Then shall they put incense upon the fire, and set ducks to be roasted (21). This is a rite of Ra when his boat cometh; and it shall cause the dead man to go with Ra into every place whithersoever he saileth, and the foes of Ra shall be (22) slaughtered in very truth. The Chapter of the sektet boat shall be recited on the sixth day of the festival.

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