The Book of the Dead – Papyrus of Ani

Plate 33

Plate 33


Rubric: (1) Osiris Ani, triumphant, is girt about with [fine] raiment, he is shod with (2) white sandals, and he is anointed with very precious anta ointment; and a bull, (3) and herbs, and incense, and ducks, and flowers, and ale, and cakes have been offered unto him. And behold, thou shalt limn upon a clean tile (4) the image of a table of offerings in clean colours, and thou shalt bury it in a field whereon (5) swine have not trampled. If this word then be written upon it, he himself shall rise again, (6) and his children’s children shall flourish even as Ra flourisheth without ceasing. He shall dwell in favour (7) in the presence of the king among the chiefs, and cakes and cups of drink and portions of meat shall be given unto him upon the table (8) of the great god. He shall not be thrust from any door in Amentet; he shall travel on (9) together with the kings of the north and of the south, and he shall abide with the (10) followers of Osiris near unto Un-nefer, for ever, and for ever, and for ever.

(1) THE CHAPTER OF A TET OF GOLD: Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: “Thou risest, O still heart! (2) Thou shinest, O still heart! Place thou thyself upon my side. I have come arid I have brought unto thee a tet of gold; rejoice thou in it.”


(1) THE CHAPTER OF A BUCKLE OF CARNELIAN. Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: “The blood of Isis, the charms of Isis, (2) the power of Isis, are a protection unto me, the chief, and they crush that which I abhor.”


(1) THE CHAPTER OF A HEART OF CARNELIAN. Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: “I am the Bennu, the soul of Ra, and the guide of the gods into (2) the underworld. The souls come forth upon earth to do the will of their ka’s, and the soul of Osiris Ani cometh forth to do the will of his ka.”


(1) THE CHAPTER OF THE PILLOW WHICH IS PLACED UNDER THE HEAD OF OSIRIS ANI, TRIUMPHANT, TO WARD OFF WOES FROM THE DEAD BODY OF OSIRIS. (2) [Ani saith]: “Lift up thy head to the heavens, for I have knit thee together triumphantly. Ptah hath overthrown his foes and thine; all his enemies have fallen, and they shall never more rise up again, O Osiris.”

Plate 34

Plate 34


[Isis saith:] “I have come to be a protector unto thee. I waft (2) unto thee air for thy nostrils, and the north wind, which cometh forth from the god Tmu, unto thy nose (3) I have made whole thy lungs. I have made thee (4) to be like unto a god. Thine enemies have fallen beneath thy feet. (5, 6) Thou hast been made victorious in (7) Nut, and thou art mighty to prevail with the gods.”

[Nephthys saith:] “(2) I have gone round about to protect thee, brother Osiris; (3) 1 have come to be a protector unto thee. [My strength shall be behind thee, my strength shall be behind thee, for ever. Ra hath heard thy cry, and the gods have granted that thou shouldst be victorious. Thou art raised up, and thou art victorious over that which hath been done unto thee. Ptah hath thrown down thy foes, and thou art Horus, the son of Hathor.]”

[The flame of Isis saith:] “I protect thee with this flame, and I drive away him (the foe) from the valley of the tomb, and I drive away the sand from thy feet. I embrace Osiris Ani, who is triumphant in peace and in right and truth.”

[The flame of Nephthys saith:] “I have come to hew in pieces. I am not hewn in pieces, nor will I suffer thee to be hewn in pieces. I have come to do violence, but I will not let violence be done unto thee, for I am protecting thee.”

[The Tet saith:] “I have come quickly, and I have driven back the footsteps of the god whose face is hidden. I have illumined his sanctuary. I stand behind the sacred Tet or, the day of repulsing disaster.[3] I protect thee, O Osiris.”

[Mestha saith:] I am Mestha, thy son, O Osiris Ani, triumphant. I have come to protect thee, and I will make thine abode to flourish everlastingly. I have commanded Ptah, even as Ra himself commanded him.”

[Hapi saith:] “I am Hapi thy son, O Osiris Ani, triumphant. I have come to protect thee. Thy head and thy limbs are knit together; and I have smitten down thine enemies beneath thee. I have given unto thee thy head for ever and for ever, O Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace.”

[Tuamautef saith:] “I am thy beloved son Horus. I have come to avenge thee, O my father Osiris, upon him that did evil unto thee; and I have put him under thy feet for ever, and for ever, and for ever; O Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace.”

[Qebhsennuf saith:] “I am thy son, O Osiris Ani, triumphant. I have come to protect thee. I have collected thy bones, and I have gathered together thy members. [I have brought thy heart and I have placed it upon its throne within thy body. I have made thy house to flourish after thee, O thou who livest for ever.]”

[The bird which faceth the setting sun saith]: “Praise be to Ra when he setteth in the western part of heaven. Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace in the underworld, saith: ‘I am a perfected soul,'”

[The bird which faceth the rising sun saith]: “Praise be to Ra when he riseth in the eastern part of heaven from Osiris Ani, triumphant.”

[The Perfected Soul saith]: “I am a perfected soul in the holy egg of the abtu fish. I am the great cat which dwelleth in the seat of right and truth wherein riseth the god Shu.”

[The text near the Ushabti Figure (Chapter VI.) reads]: Osiris Ani, the overseer, triumphant, saith: “Hail, shabti figure! If it be decreed that Osiris [Ani] shall do any of the work which is to be done in the underworld, let all that standeth in the way be removed from before him; whether it be to plough the fields, or to fill the channels with water, or to carry sand from [the East to the West].” The shabti figure replies: “I will do [it]; verily I am here [when] thou callest.”


(1) HERE BEGIN THE CHAPTERS OF THE SEKHET-HETEPU, AND THE CHAPTERS OF COMING FORTH BY DAY, AND OF GOING INTO AND OF COMING OUT FROM THE UNDERWORLD, AND OF ARRIVING IN THE SEKHET (2) AANRU, AND OF BEING IN PEACE IN THE GREAT CITY WHEREIN ARE FRESH BREEZES. Let me have power there. Let me become strong to plough there. (3) Let me reap there. Let me eat there. Let me drink there. [Let me woo there.] And let me do all these things there, even as they are done upon earth.

Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: (4) “Set hath carried away Horus to see what is being built in the Field of Peace, and he spreadeth the air over (5) the divine soul within the egg in its day. He hath delivered the innermost part of the body of Horus from the holy ones of Akert (?). Behold I have sailed in the mighty boat on the Lake of Peace. I, even I, have crowned him in the House of (6) Shu. His starry abode reneweth its youth, reneweth its youth. I have sailed on its Lake that I may come unto its cities, and I have drawn nigh It unto the city Hetep. For behold, I repose at the seasons [of Horus]. I have passed through the region of the company of the gods who are aged and venerable. (7) 1 have pacified the two holy Fighters who keep ward upon life. I have done that which is right and fair, and I have brought an offering and have pacified the two holy Fighters. I have cut off the (9) hairy scalp of their adversaries, and I have made aft end of the (10) woes which befel [their] children; (11) I have done away all the evil which came against their souls; I have gotten dominion over it, (12) 1 have knowledge thereof. I have sailed forth on the waters [of the lake] (13) that I may come unto the cities thereof. I have power (14) over my mouth, being furnished [with] charms; let not. [the fiends] get the mastery over me, (16) let them not have dominion over me. May I be equipped in thy Fields of Peace. What thou wishest that shalt thou do, [saith the god].”

Plate 35

Plate 35


(1) Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: “Homage to thee, (2) O thou lord, thou lord of right and truth, the One, the lord of eternity and creator (3) of everlastingness, I have come unto thee, O my lord Ra. I have made (4) meat offerings unto the seven kine and unto their bull. O ye who give (5) cakes and ale to the shining ones, grant ye to my soul to be with you. (6) May Osiris Ani, triumphant, be born upon your thighs; may he be like unto one (7) Of you for ever and for ever; and may he become a glorious being (8) in the beautiful Amenta.”

[Address to the Rudders]: “(1) Hail, thou beautiful Power, thou beautiful it rudder of the northern heaven.”

“(2) Hail, thou who goest round about heaven, thou pilot of the world, thou beautiful rudder of the western heaven.”

“(3) Hail, thou shining one, who livest in the temple wherein are the gods in visible forms, thou beautiful rudder of the eastern heaven.”

“(4) Hail, thou who dwellest in the temple of the bright-faced ones, thou it beautiful rudder of the southern heaven.”

[Address to the four Triads]: “(5) Hail, ye gods who are above the earth, ye pilots of the underworld.”

“(6) Hail, ye mother-gods who are above the earth, who are in the underworld, and who are in the House of Osiris.”

“(7) Hail, ye gods, ye pilots of Tasert, ye who are above the earth, ye pilots of the underworld.”

“(8) Hail, ye followers of Ra, who are in the train of Osiris.”

Plate 36

Plate 36


(1) A HYMN OF PRAISE TO OSIRIS THE DWELLER IN AMENTET, UN-NEFER WITHIN ABTU, Osiris Ani, triumphant, saith: Hail, O my lord, who dost traverse (2) eternity, and whose existence endureth for ever. Hail, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Prince, the God of gods who (3) live with Thee, I have come unto Thee Make thou for me a seat with those who are in the underworld, and who adore (4) the images of thy ka (5) and who are among those who [endure] for (6) millions of millions of years …. (10) May no delay arise for me in Ta-mera. Grant thou (11) that they all may come unto me, great (12) as well as small. Mayest thou grant unto the ka of Osiris Ani [the power] to go into and to come forth (13) from the underworld; and suffer him not to be driven back at the gates of the Tuat.”

Plate 37

Plate 37


Hathor, lady of Amentet, dweller in the land of Urt, lady of Ta-sert, the Eye of Ra, the dweller in his brow, the beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years …..

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