When Calamity Strikes Mankind – The Tsunami of 10,900 BC

Major catastrophes that befall Mankind are sometimes spoken of as being of “biblical proportions” to describe their immensity. The words have been used these days to convey the immensity of the calamity that befell the peoples and lands of the coastlines of the Indian Ocean, when an underwater earthquake caused a “Tsunami”, a tidal wave that spread across thousands of miles of ocean waters and, hitting land, crushed all before it.

Few if any of the news reporters who used the “biblical proportions” terminology may have realized how appropriate the analogy is; for some 13,000 years ago a huge tidal wave, a “Tsunami” if you will, overwhelmed the ancient lands and their inhabitants; except that that time, the tidal wave rose not thirty feet but many thousands of feet and more!

Then, as now, it was a news story that dominated all news. The Bible, in fact, treated it to be such a major story that it devoted to it three full chapters in Genesis. It is the record of the Deluge — the Great Flood — that overwhelmed the Earth and came close to wiping Mankind off the face of the Earth.

Not Rain But a Tidal Wave

The ancient catastrophe, for centuries known only from the Bible, is now known to have been first recorded by the Sumerians. Their writings on the subject have been rendered in my very first book, The 12th Planet. Those sources make clear that the Anunnaki ‘gods’ — unlike the modern scientists who failed to predict the current Tsunami — were aware of the looming calamity. Their leader, Enlil, saw it is an opportunity to get rid of Mankind and
its evil doings; his brother Enki connived to save the “seed of Mankind” by instructing his faithful devotee, Utnapishtim (the biblical Noah) to build the submersible boat and save himself and his family.

The Anunnaki were aware of what is about to happen, I wrote in The 12th Planet and then in Divine Encounters, because they were monitoring the buildup of the ice sheet over Antarctica, and anticipated that the next passage of their planet Nibiru near Earth would cause the ice sheet to slip and slide off the Antarctica continent — creating an immense tidal wave that will overwhelm near and far landmasses:

Image: Icesheet

The Antarctica Ice Sheet, as illustrated in Divine Encounters by Zecharia Sitchin

Quoting the Sumerian, Akkadian and biblical texts, I pointed out that although heavy rains did follow as Earth’s ice age abruptly ended, it was a tidal wave that caused the Great Flood. It was a tidal storm from the south, from Antarctica, that sent walls of water crushing over all the ancient lands, taking more than a year to subside.

— Z. SITCHIN, December 2004

Reproduction is permitted if accompanied by the statement:
© Z. Sitchin 2004
Reprinted by permission.

Original source: IN THE MEDIA (Sitchin.com)

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