Inconvenient News From the Moon – Zecharia Sitchin

Image: Moon from spaceAs I was saying…


News, as much of everything else, needs luck to succeed. News, more than anything else, has no chance of success if it is inconvenient — and especially so, if it happens to be true.

A case in point: Latest discoveries concerning the Moon.

The Moon — Earth’s constant companion — has baffled modern astronomers all along. It it much too large to have been Earth’s natural satellite, yet it is almost as old as the Earth. How did it come about? The prevailing explanation is The Giant Impact Theory: An errant celestial body (as asteroid, a meteor) struck the Earth and threw off a piece of Earth that in time rounded itself out to be the Moon (see illustration ‘A’). There have been problems with this explanation: The Moon’s should then be, but it is not, similar to that of the Earth. And what happened to the impactor? The answer was: it evaporated in the immense heat caused by the impact. Not really convincing, especially since recent calculation show that the “meteor” had to be about the size of the planet Mars…

In my books The 12th Planet and Genesis Revisited I said: How about the Sumerian Scenario? Treating the ‘Epic of Creation’ not as an allegorical myth but as a sophisticated cosmogony, the ancient text spoke of a celestial collision in which an invader (Nibiru) destroyed the large and watery planet Tiamat, causing half of it to become the Earth and it’s main satellite to become Earth’s Moon (illustration ‘B’). That’s what I said. Did any astronomer pay attention? If at all, then not publicly, for acceptance meant accepting Nibiru and the Annunaki and Extraterrestrials, and the rest of that nonsense…

moon impact theory

Zecharia Sitchin’s ‘Sumerian Scenario’ Theory

Now, tucked away on page 170 of the July 2008 issue of the journal Nature, I came across a headline that should be on the front page of all major newspapers (but is not): THE EARLY MOON WAS RICH IN WATER.

As the prestigious journal itself explains, a group of six American scientists, using new technologies, have found evidence in Moon rocks that when the Moon formed, it had water among its ‘volatiles’. By ‘volatiles’ scientists refer to basic components that evaporate when subjected to heat. As the journal points out in the introduction to the scientific report, the volatiles had to evaporate in the great heat created if a “Mars-sized body” hit the early Earth. The new data runs “counter to the classic image of lunar geochemistry,” the journal admits.

This is a scientific revolution. But I know of no major newspaper, radio of TV channel, or just a wire service, that has picked up this sensational but inconvenient news.

So, as I was saying in my books…

Zecharia Sitchin
© Z. Sitchin 2008
Reprinted with permission

original copy of article

Original Zecharia Sitchin article “Inconvenient News From the Moon.”


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